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     Trust is essential to your business and to all websites. With "TRUST" your customers will have confidence to take action to either purchase your products or signup on your email list. Potential customers will choose you over other websites that don't display our recognized symbol of trust.

     In this day and age there's a growing concern about fake blogs and sites that are spreading viruses and increasing identity theft that's why many consumers are very reluctant to click on links or purchase on a website. This result has many small businesses struggling to gain their customers confidence and trust.

     The "Verified Safe Trust Seal" shows site visitors that Verified Safe has confirmed your identity and your website or blog has passed the Verified Safe test.

     So Verified Safe recommends adding the trust seal to your website, order page, sign-in/subscription page, and all other pages in your secured domain where customers need assurance. The seal will display within 2 hours after installation and show that your site is secured by Verified Safe.

    Verified Safe Site Seal gives your web site instant credibility in the online world by visually reassuring customers that your site's identity has been verified and is safe.

     Verified Safe Seal can have a direct impact on consumer decisions and help your business increase conversions and customer engagement. Your customers will feel more confident to get your services and shop online.

     To qualify for this seal the following requirements must be met before a Verified Safe Seal is issued. These requirements are automatically re-verified by Verified Safe technology every 90 days. If a business ever fails a re-verification, the system automatically revokes the seal from the business' site





Display "Verified TRUST Seal": Members of VERIFIED SAFE may display the VERIFIED SAFE Seal, showing their customers that their site is Verified Safe and is a trusted web site.


Business Directory Listing: Members websites are listed in the VERIFIED SAFE Directory of VERIFIED SAFE Trusted web sites (directory is currently being developed) this will promote your business and drive traffic to your website.


Increase Traffic To Your Website: Consumers will feel comfortable and safe when they see our TRUST seal on their website and they will keep coming back to your website. They will also give you referrals and tell their friends and family about your website which will result in you getting more traffic.

Turn More Visitors Into Customers: When you incorporate our "Verified Safe TRUST Seal" to your website or blog your potential customers or buyers will definitely have more confidence to purchase because they feel safe and secure.

Build Customer Trust And Loyalty: Many consumers are very reluctant to use or click a website because of lack of trust so when incorporating our seal they will feel some kind of assurance so you can build a relationship with them and they will become your loyal customers for life.

Increase In Quality Lead Conversions: NOT all your visitors will buy from you the first time they visit your site that's why you should build a list or opt-in so you can capture these potential customers and by putting the "Verified Safe TRUST Seal" on your opt-in page or subscription page it will definitely increase your conversion rate.

Boost Online Sales And Conversions: We all know consumers or customers don't buy when they are scared or don't trust the site and by incorporating our TRUST seal to your ORDER Page it will reassure them to click that "Add To Cart" button without any doubt!


Raised Consumer Engagement And Transactions: When your potential customers see our seal they will feel confident to participate and engage with you, like if you have a business website or blog they will comment and take action.

     Simply, REGISTER then pay using a secure payment gateway provided by PayPal. Once your payment has been processed our staff will immediately begin the process of getting your site approved to display the "Verified Safe TRUST Seal".

     The preliminary approval is usually complete within a week and you will be notified and provided with your "Verified Safe TRUST Seal" html code. If your site can not be approved, you will receive an immediate email or call and 100% full refund.

Verified Safe Seal - Start With Trust

     Because anyone can setup a website, SSL encryption and post a privacy policy with a business address so how many of those businesses actually exist?

     Are they compliant with local and federal law? Do they have prior or existing lawsuits? Have the owners ever been convicted of defrauding consumers under a different business name? Who are you really doing business with online?

     The Verified Safe Business Seal guarantees online consumers the confidence and assurance they need in dealing with businesses online.

     With the click of a mouse consumers can click on the Verified Safe Business Seal and verify not ONLY what every other merchant trust seal verifies, but ALSO that the business is legal, fully compliant with state and federal laws, and ALL managing members of the business have passed comprehensive nationwide criminal and civil background checks.

     The seal also takes it a step further and assures both consumers and businesses that the website itself is hacker-safe. Each website that carries the seal is monitored 24/7 for hacker attacks to protect not only the business, but also provides consumer protection for customers that visit the website.



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